Thursday, October 20, 2011

You’ll be glad you came to Premiere Medical Specialists

Guest Blog By: Henry L.

As soon as a patient walks into the Premier Medical Specialists offices in St. Louis, Missouri, he will be greeted by friendly, welcoming staff. The cheerful atmosphere and clean facilities will put him at ease right away.

New patients can download the five-page health history questionnaire and fill it out at home to make the first visit easy. Paperwork is never a hassle; the billing staff asks only that patients have their insurance card with them to make sure they get all of the benefits their insurance company owes them. The office accepts most major medical insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

No matter what his medical complaint, the patient will be attended to by skilled physicians who know how to treat him properly. The well-equipped offices of this medical group practice have the tools necessary for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

The best diagnostic tool is, of course, the conversation between the doctor and patient. These internal medicine specialists listen to what the patient has to say. They treat the person, not just the condition. The doctors are the advocates for their patients if they are hospitalized.

Dr. Ana Danielyan, lead physician at this clinic, offers a wide variety of services including physicals, pre-operative screenings, well-woman exams, immunizations and general wellness. She and her partners, Dr. Bruce Lowrie, Dr. Timothy McCann, Dr. Demetrios Politis, Dr. Michael Reschak, and Dr. Amin Vallianis treat patients of all ages.

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