Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Learn Your Life

Life is a roller coaster. It has a serious of unimaginable twists and twirls. There are numerous occasions in which one tends to act in a specified way. Several characteristics of a person are portrayed all through his life. Of all the characteristics I find the shyness as one of the most exotic attitude of the person. Shyness with members of the other sex is common among young people. Getting over self-consciousness to the point where one can relax and be friendly with those one most admires is a challenge. The more thrilled one is with the presence of the other person, the more likely one seems to be embarrassed, it seems. But with experience he/she gradually become more comfortable with the opposite sex. Then, as he/she develop poise and self-confidence, he/she discovers and put into practice more and more of the art of communicating. How to develop that poise and confidence is the question. Since girls grow up sooner, and are ready for dates before boys of their age and grade generally are, a particular problem for a teen-age girl is how to get a bashful boy to notice her. This is why girls' clubs so often center on planning boy-girl activities. Many a shy boy has come out of himself at a well-planned party. With encouragement he finds that he can carry on a conversation and have fun in a mixed group.

Save Environment

With the overwhelming discussions on the ecology and the various human exploitable influences on the ecosystem, educating the young according to me is the best way to speed up process of spreading this vital information. Where are the societal shortcomings that lead us to such a negligence of environmental science, resulting in a general avoidance of the subject?. From earliest times, we are told that environmental science is important to almost any endeavor we choose to pursue. When a young child is encouraged to do well in school in environmental science, it is usually accompanied with, “You’ll need environmental science if you want to be a _______________.” Thus, this is an empty statement. Sometimes a child is told to do better in environmental science or else_________________.” too. If an awareness is imparted at a very early age, the need and necessity of eco-preservation is given top priority by the future pillars of the society.

Anti matters

I think even scientists are not sure about anything concerning antimatter. They say that there is a universe made of antimatter and there is humans made of antimatter in that universe. If antimatter and matter are present in equal in amount in our universe scientist can find only a few antimatters in our universe so they say while the big bang there is a lot of matters have been created than the antimatter and they annihilate with each other and the remaining matter is what the universe is made of! You know there is no antimatter and matter inside the hot ball of big bang!