Thursday, September 8, 2022

Successfully replaced my AirPods Pro for manufacturing defect

Successfully replaced my AirPods Pro
After coming to conclusion that my AirPods Pro has manufacturing defect and may be eligible for FREE replacement, I have scheduled my visit to Apple Service Center. Before visiting Apple service center, I was little bit anxious about whether my AirPods Pro would be rejected due to increased scratches and few dents. However, to my surprise the AirPods Pro was accepted with just mention of usable scratches and they would call me for further updates. Following is the list of updates throughout the replacement process
  • Day 1 - No update: After accepting my AirPods Pro to validate whether the product is eligible for FREE replacement, I was notified that they would call me about the status of the repair and would be notified if the claim were rejected. Post this communication, I was little bit nervous and was anxiously waiting for the updates. However, there was no update from the service center and after follow-up call late in the evening, I was notified that the update would be communicated in the day.
  • Day 2 & 3 – Product sent to Apple for Validation: Again, on the second day, there was no communication or update from the service center and I anxiously skipped the entire day hoping for a call from the service center. Post no update from the service center on the second day, I called up directly to service center to check on the update and was notified that the product has been sent to Apple technical center for validation and would take 5-6 days for acknowledgment.
  • Day 5 – Status update in 2 days and Apple has registered shipment: I was anxiously waiting for past 5 days to get a status update for my AirPods Pro replacement and there was not a single communication from service center. I was not able to wait for another couple more days and I called up service center directly to check on the update. The response from service center was that Apple has made shipment regarding my service case and they would know only after it reaches the service center in next few days, and I would be notified about it at the earliest.
  • Day 6 – Product replaced and can be collected: After knowing that there was a shipment from Apple, I was even more anxious to know more about the status of my service case and called up service center for the update. To my surprise I was notified that my both AirPods Pro headphones are replaced for FREE, and I can collect the product at my convenience.

I was completely out of the world after knowing that my AirPods Pro was replaced for FREE, even after using it for past 18 months (about 1 and a half years) and completely new headphones would extend the life of the product by 3 more years. To read more such articles please visit “G R Team Sites”