Saturday, December 12, 2020

Information of Waist trainer and thigh shaper

In recent times, most women are more interested in showing off their curves and also looking for wardrobes that helps them to get their shapes right. The easier and smart option for women to maintain their structure is to wear best suited cheap waist trainer wardrobe collection. Recently we came across this interesting online store known as HexinFashion, which will be right place to check out for people who were looking to find unique collection of shapewear products at most affordable price. HexinFashion is one of the most unique online shopping stores out there in the market with their own manufacturing factory and professional team to design their unique collection of shapewear products. We would like to detail few product collections available from HexinFashion and list down their features to meet your needs.

The fashion waist trainer from HexinFashion online store like this Smooth silhouette black latex waist trainer vest three belts can be slipped on in seconds, while maintaining the firm compression you want. The product also includes unique features such as 
  • The product has 9 steel boned for waist cincher support and keep you in the best posture
  • Includes three belt design that can strengthen the control level and convenient for adjusting
  • The zipper design for easy wear, allows you to hide it and give you slimmer reinforcement support
  • Vest with wide straps can relieve back pain, reduce back pressure, and protect the back of the spine.
To know more about the product, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link. In addition, the HexinFashion online store also includes thigh shaper to make your thigh look stylish and sexy. The thigh shaper available from HexinFashion includes lot of unique features and few of them include 
  • Detachable wrap strap at waist, which provides strong compression support and easy to use;
  • Neoprene fabric, comfortable to wear when you work out, which help you to make you sweat and keep your abdomen warm; 
and a lot more, feel free to check out the above-listed links to know further about the wardrobe collection available at HexinFashion. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Possibility to get a new phone and using Android Phone

With my iPhone 6 starting to be slowing down a lot and my daughter threw the phone to shatter its screen. After a few days of working, my iPhone 6 finally gave up and did not turn on after being in charge of the whole night. I got two options, one option is to get iPhone 11 at a premium price, or the other option is, use my wife’s phone for a few more months and wait till the next generation phone is launched by Apple. I chose the second option of using my wife’s phone for a few more months and receive the latest version of the iPhone, provided the price is the same as the earlier version or marginally higher. Before, I detail my decision on getting a new iPhone, the usage of android after a long time was taking a toll on me, and I was frustrated about using an android phone. It was due to complicated permissions and each app requesting permission for access to the gallery. Please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites,” to know more about my buying decision on a new phone.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Get information about reliable compressor

In recent times for most businesses, finding reliable and quality refrigeration or air conditioning products available in the market would be the most frustrating and difficult process. There may be a broad range of manufacturers in the market promoting themselves with quality refrigeration and air-conditioning solution, however, most of those compressor solutions lack reliability and robustness for your business needs. So, make sure that you check out the most trusted and reliable manufacturer for your refrigeration and air-conditioning solution. Recently, I came to know about this fascinating manufacturer known as Dorin, which offers innovative solutions for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. 

I was surprised to learn that Dorin offers a complete and diversified range of compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning systems that no other competitor in its class could offer. The additional uniqueness of Dorin manufactured products is that its product solutions are one of the most durable and reliable for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. To date, Dorin manufactured products are based on their founder's motto of "perfect product" and they also ensure that manufactured products meet all quality standards and craft practices. 

Dorin diversified its range of manufactured products, which include more than 600 models of open type and semi-hermetic compressors and condensing units, these products are designed and built to be used with HCFCs or HFCs, but also with3 natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons (HC), ammonia (NH) and especially carbon dioxide (CO2). If you were in the market looking for a reliable, trusted, and quality solution for refrigeration and air-conditioning, then Dorin manufactured products would be the best option. For more information and a collection of innovative solutions offered by Dorin, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Completely roasted by the onsite team due to my manager

I was working with my manager to complete the work assigned by the irritating onsite team and out of nowhere, my manager started giving new suggestions to work on. With no options left, I started to work on the suggestions provided by my manager, and trusting my manager would join the call and defend me from any questions from the onsite team. However, a few mins before the call, my manager called and informed me that he would not be able to join the call due to some personal work. I was completely furious about my manager's decision to not join the call with some lame excuses, and I was left all alone in the call to defend all the tasks suggested by my manager. A few minutes into the call, the onsite team got angered about the slides and furious with me that there was nothing relevant in the slides, which they requested, and wanted me to completely focus only on the tasks they shared and not to work on other slides. This clear direction from the onsite team was helpful so that I do not need to work on unnecessary suggestions from my manager and to know more such updates, please feel free to check out the blog posts in "G R Team Sites"

Monday, June 8, 2020

Job insecurity due to coronavirus

I was on a long vacation and with Coronavirus unleashing its beast mode across the country, the government had announced a complete lockdown of all activities. Since I had applied for my vacation long back, I did not want it to be interrupted and I continued to be on my vacation. Within few hours of the country being in lockdown, we all received urgent mail from our company stating that we should continue to connect from home until further notice and the lockdown will not impact our jobs or salaries. I was completely relieved after reading this mail and the mail meant the most because the mail assured that our jobs are safe and there would not be any change in salary structure. Initial days were really scary and with no communication in emails from my team, I was getting nervous, and, in the meantime, I called my colleague to check in about things happening in the team and any updates from my manager due to COVID-19 situation gripping across places. To know more on what details that my colleague shared to me due to Corona pandemic, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, March 13, 2020

No updates from on-site team even after multiple reminders

After waiting for the whole day to get an update from the on-site team, I had no other option left but to drop a note to the on-site team stating that I can support only for next few days and post that I have planned vacation coming up and the delivery team has to take ownership. In addition, I have also mentioned that with no updates for each version shared, from the on-site team, it is getting difficult for the offshore team to work on the rough drafts and make iterative changes. With these strong words, I was also getting nervous about its impact, as it would result in two different outcomes. The positive outcome would be that the on-site team would take ownership and offshore team can support where and when requested, the negative outcome would be, the on-site lead will request me to schedule daily calls to review the document and would provide unnecessary iterative changes. After sending the mail to the on-site team, I was checking the mail anxiously for any further updates or any acknowledgment from the team confirming whether we are on the right track or further modifications required to match client requirements. The next day with so much anxiety, I was opening my laptop to check mails for any further updates or acknowledgment; to my astonishment, I do not have any mails from the on-site team even after sending so many emails and reminders with clear instructions of my upcoming vacation plans. To know more about how I tackled this service request without affecting my vacation, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Struggling with new service request and people

After a long struggle to support my colleagues for completion of the service request, finally I got the go-ahead signal from the manager to work on the new request and I got very limited time to convert the document to the right shape. As I detailed in other posts, whenever I finish my old service request’s document, I try to sneak in few minutes or hours to put some effort into the new service request and it really helped me a lot to save some effort and avoid staying late in the office for completion. But, the idiots with whom I worked had other ideas, whenever I finish and send a document for review there will be no comments and the next day, they would join calls and start providing new suggestions. The delivery person with whom I worked was so irritating that he was expecting me to work on each and every part of the document. At one point I was just waiting for the competition of service request and one more most frustrating part in this service request was that the team which was supposed to be helping me was actually questioning my work and was trying to add-on as much as work possible. Get more details about the service request in the blog posts from “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Waste of work in the weekend

After working on the deck in the weekend and putting in my thoughts about the client requirements, I have shared the updated deck to the team for their inputs and review. I was not hoping to get appreciation or recognition for my work from the team, at lease they could have just dropped note to me or called me personally to share their inputs or suggestions. However, the delivery person idiot has called my manager and has stated that lot of work to be done and whatever work I have done in the weekend would be irrelevant and doesn’t match the client requirements. Now my manager called me and was asking questions why I haven’t I included some random shit that he wants it in the deck, as if he knows expectation from on-site and he himself is stupid and doesn’t interpret information shared by on-site. To know more about what happened, please feel free to check out the blog posts from “G R Team sites”