Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tight deadline opportunity with lot of work

Once the call got over from the opportunity, I knew there are lot of work that has to be completed within next few hours and without wasting any time, I called the delivery person and conveyed that I would start creating the structure and we can customize it based on the client requirements. So, the day was going on with the tight schedule and I had to complete lot of work within short span of time and due to proficiency in the team and in deck, I was able to complete work faster than anticipated and was able bring the deck in much better version than the earlier and shared it with the entire account team for review. The call was scheduled very late in the night and the meeting invite was shared by that delivery person and when the entire account team was on the call, I get call from that delivery person stating that she would not be able to join the call and I should drive the call. I was shell shocked to hear that response and I was able to manage only first few mins in the call and later I directed it another delivery person to drive it. To know what happened in the call and opportunity, check out “G R Team Sites”