Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Information about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the few countries in the world which were flattered to deceive by their temporarily so called economic boom in the early nineties. Zimbabwe of today is one of the embarrassing place to live in the world considering the fact that their currency, their health care system and their useless government. Their current president Mr.Robert Mugabe is the sole person who should be blamed for all the hardships being faced by the country and it's people. Since assuming the office of the president Mr.Mugabe has done everything to ensure that Zimbabwe's national economy is in shambles.Mr.Mugabe's government is responsible for the collapse of the health, water and sanitation systems and violating human rights. Further the Zimbabwean bank recently released one trillion bank note. The inflation rate has been soaring over the sky for the last few years and the country's people barring the elite people of the country, no one has access to health care and other facilities. Further the soaring inflation means that the country's dollar value is never stable. Many people are forced to walk to their workplace miles away because they cannot afford the cost of traveling by a bus. Further the collapse of the health care system results in many of the Zimbabwean peoples death due to lack of medical care. If only Zimbabwe is saved from its power hungry political bosses, it’s people will get a new lease of life.

My Java Mechanism

The working of my virtual defense mechanism is rather simple. In the server side many web pages are created by JSP, Servlets, then the host searches for the corresponding requested URL & encrypts by using the sender’s public key and send to the client. The client receives the encrypted server responsed page and decrypts using its own Private key. Finally displays the message in the browser. In the clientside using CoreJava we implement the cryptography RSA Algorithm and generate the Private key as well as Public key. All the client-server technologies are implemented in the Java networking. In the serverside we create the web sites using JSP, Servlets ; at the server-side we also implement multithreading concept for response of more number of clients . Java Swing is used to design the user interface in the client and server side.