Thursday, April 23, 2015

Die Wickbrokes Kommen!

Hallo zusammen. Ich möchte dich ein neues Spiel erwähnen. Das heißt Hounds Online und ist auch bekannt als Hounds: The Last Hope. Es wird normalerweise im April an den Start gehen aber jede Spieler, die vor offizieller Release Hounds anspielen will, soll nun nur sich zu geschlossener Beta anmelden. Mit der geschlossenen Beta Anmeldung kannst du ja vor offizieller Release das Spiel versuchen. Im Hounds wirst du gegen Wickbrokes(Kreaturen im Hounds Online) kämpfen. Sie haben schon unsere Welt okkupiert. Jemand muss unsere Welt von ihr befreien. Wer wird das schaffen? Hounds Trupp!

Im Hounds kannst du von den Klassen Assault, Specialist, Tech oder Support auswählen, während die Protagonisten Red Dragon, Tier Sets, Inflatable Duck, School Girl, Cyber Ninja, Lee und mehr stehen zu deinem Auswahl. Du kannt auf der Webseite des Spieles das Spiel herunterladen und dich zu der geschlossenen Beta anmelden. Du sollst das am mindestens für einmal versuchen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be Happy

What should a being ultimately achieve in his life??? Is it wealth??? Is it fame??? Or what could it be??? I personally think that whatever a person does he must do it in such a manner that it brings happiness to him. A person for example has amassed a huge wealth through some fraud means or has violated the law to accomplish it, then there is a huge possibility that the fear would always haunt him and would ultimately disturb him, Of course this is not applicable to all but those who are prone to such an outcome should never attempt it!!!

So a person has to be more careful while taking a decision and must make sure that the end result would bring about satisfaction along with happiness. Of course, different things would satisfy different people all depending on the individual. Life is too short friends, live every moment also make perfect arrangements that the same continues in the future and gets enhanced. There are cases where unfavorable incidents might happen against our will and control, for them, this is not applicable. Instead, we must only see what can be best done by us. So people be clear, the end answer of your mathematical living should be HAPPINESS!!!

My Girl Friend

She was my junior in my school days. It was the first day of school for her, when the eleventh standard classes started,she approached me with a smile and introduced herself.She was very much friendly and polite in her approach.I like the way she spoke to me.She was also good looking.I still miss her daily and I always remember her . I hope she fine and it has been 5 years since when I saw her last. I pray to god that I hope to see her soon.She is always remembered by me daily.My good wishes to her such that she reaches great heights in her life.She was an angel to me in my life.

A Trip to Badrinath

It’s always good to spend the summer in a nice fashion. Of course I do love to spend the summer by visiting many historical places and hill stations had been planning to go to Badrinath for the past four years. It became a reality this year. I went there this May. It was a family trip. It was 6 am when we reached there .I bathed at a natural hot water spring. It was near Alakanda, a frozen river .My father did some rituals for our ancestor’s .This is called ‘pitru karma’. Then we had an excellent view of the hill station. I could see a good ancient temple was located 10,000 feet above the sea level. Coming down from the great Himalayas too was an exciting experience. The bust journey was good up the hill with steep mountain slopes. I really enjoyed the trip and it was a memorable one for me. I shared my experience of this trip with my friends and neighbors.

Be aware in Hunting

Hunting has become a hobby for many people in the country. There are certain things to be reminded before you go hunting with your friends or even with trained people. As recreational walks in the wild forests has become increasingly popular. In this way people gain first-hand experience of nature and develop positive attitudes towards conservation. Those going on such walks should at least know about the possible dangers involved, so that they will know what to do and not give way to irrational fears. The inexperienced naturalist should at all times be accompanied by an experienced ranger or tracker.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Need for Ayurveda

There are several kinds of healing methods which use different kinds of medication. India is famous for the spectrum of medical healing technique which it possesses. The country is boasting in pride with its varied richness in healing techniques. Ayurveda is one of the most traditional and one of the most reliable healing methods. Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition that draws on 3,000 years of Vedic culture. Ayurveda is the India’s traditional science of “life, vitality, health, and longevity” or, to tap into a more contemporary buzzphrase, “the science of well-being.” Kerala has long been considered the home of Ayurveda, no doubt due to the abundance of herbal and medicinal plants that thrive in its tropical environment. You will find therapists, physicians, and commercial Ayurvedic shops selling roots, herbs, and bark throughout the country.

About Meditation

Meditation means continuous remembering of the divine knowledge which yields the direct fruit here itself. Such a person gets a fruit in the upper world also. The only one Lord is the authority here and there also. Anybody blessed here will be blessed there also. If one is not blessed here he is not blessed in the upper world also. The grace of the Lord or the anger of the Lord is uniform here and there. One who is not blessed here cannot be blessed there. Thus the true knowledge blesses any person here and there. Meditation is continuous thinking of such knowledge and other interpretations are either useless or of little use.

About Oscar 2009

The Oscar awards for the year 2008, which will be given away to some of the top directors and actors in the world on February 22, 2009 has already evoked much interest on who will be the potential winners of the awards.The British film Slumdog Millionaire which is about an Indian boy from the slums of Mumbai has already won the golden globe award and is one of the most anticipated film to win an Oscar award.In the coveted best picture category,The Slumdog Millionaire is expected to face competition from releases including Frost/Nixon, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Milk and The Wrestler, starring a rejuvenated Mickey Rourke.The role is a career high for the 52-year-old, who won a Golden Globe and is also in the running for a coveted Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award on 25 January. In the best actor shortlist, Rourke could be nominated alongside Brad Pitt, who plays a man ageing backwards in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Sean Penn for Milk, for his portrayal of gay political activist Harvey Milk.Heath Ledger of Brokeback Mountain Fame is to be given a a posthumous supporting actor nomination for his role as the Joker in Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight.Let's keep our fingers crossed to find out the winners on February 22, 2009