Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be Happy

What should a being ultimately achieve in his life??? Is it wealth??? Is it fame??? Or what could it be??? I personally think that whatever a person does he must do it in such a manner that it brings happiness to him. A person for example has amassed a huge wealth through some fraud means or has violated the law to accomplish it, then there is a huge possibility that the fear would always haunt him and would ultimately disturb him, Of course this is not applicable to all but those who are prone to such an outcome should never attempt it!!!

So a person has to be more careful while taking a decision and must make sure that the end result would bring about satisfaction along with happiness. Of course, different things would satisfy different people all depending on the individual. Life is too short friends, live every moment also make perfect arrangements that the same continues in the future and gets enhanced. There are cases where unfavorable incidents might happen against our will and control, for them, this is not applicable. Instead, we must only see what can be best done by us. So people be clear, the end answer of your mathematical living should be HAPPINESS!!!

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