Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Surgical Weight Loss Solution

Guest Blog By: Derek V.

Being more than 100 pounds overweight is not considered part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does carrying too much weight cause back problems and joint compression problems that result in injury and arthritis, but other medical problems can arise. Being heavy to the point of obesity can cause life threatening problems from over stress on the vital organs, such as heart disease, diabetes, and being at higher risk for various cancers.

There is a remedy for this problem that does not involve dieting. Perhaps that has been tried to the point of exasperation. A real immediate solution is at hand with a medical ​weight l​oss doct​or​ at the MyNewSelf bariatric clinic in St. Louis, Missouri. The clinic is located in the Des Peres Hospital where expert surgeons, nurses and operating room technicians with an anesthesiology team are available for this very important weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery will make weight loss a reality and give patients who elect to receive it a healthier, longer life in a body that allows for the active lifestyle everyone longs to have.

This transformation to a healthier life no longer has to be a forgotten dream. The time has come to restore a healthy weight again and rejuvenate that self image through this proven weight loss procedure. Gaining confidence in oneself again will start with the choice to trust the experienced bariatric surgeons and the surgery team of the MyNewSelf bariatric clinic in St. Louis, Missouri.

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