Thursday, September 22, 2011

Synergy Through Outsourced Marketing

Sometimes, Boston advertising agencies can appear to be a dime a dozen. There are Boston web development companies, and Boston SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies these days as well, and these firms can also tend to blend together as a homogenous field of companies all offering the same services for around the same prices. But marketing isn’t about being the same. It’s about pointing out those key differences that make an individual company or provider stand out. If an ad agency cannot do that for itself, what does that say about its ability to do that for its clients?

Another problem is that many of these companies over-specialize. For example, a Boston web development firm may create fantastic websites, but if that company only does websites and doesn’t handle any other marketing efforts, then small business owners also have to hire a marketing or advertising company as well as an SEO expert. And then who is left handling the project management? Ensuring that the work of these three entities is complementary? That it all flows well together and provides a unified image? No one. No one, or the small business owner him or herself, and that is both inefficient and counter-productive.

Still, for companies everywhere, not solely in Boston, SEO efforts are no longer optional. Websites must be optimized to increase search engine rankings. And of course, for any company that truly wants to make it in Boston, web development is essential and must blend seamlessly with all other marketing elements. The best way to have cohesive marketing, web development, and SEO efforts all boils down to one word: synergy.

Finding a company that is different from most Boston advertising agencies, that brings together advertising, marketing, SEO, and web development all under one roof, is not as difficult as it may seem. Outsourced marketing departments accomplish offer all of these services, creating a synergy wherein the sum impact of their services is far greater than that of the individual parts because it’s all managed in a uniform, coordinated manner. The web developers work with the SEO experts and content providers to get websites developed and written collaboratively, saving time and money. The marketing experts work with vendors, writers, and graphic designers to create cohesive branding and advertising pieces. Everyone collaborates, and the client wins. That’s synergy.

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