Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Incredible Forums on Health Informatics

Forums are a great way to reach out to other professionals that are looking to connect with people within similar careers. In a forum you are able to make comments on a certain topics that were introduced by another member or you can introduce your own topics. The topics are generally related to what the content of the site is about. Health Informatics is an emerging career, so forums are a great way to get out some ideas for discussion that can be later made useful on the job. These forums are also a great place to involve yourself in networking. We found some incredible forums that will spark the interest of many Health Informatics professionals and students.

5 Incredible Forums on Health Informatics

1. –A Social Network for Health Informatics Professionals and Students- The name of the forum says it all. Anyone involved in Health Informatics is welcome here. This forum has loads of information and resources. There are places to search for employment opportunities, see what events are upcoming in the Health Informatics field, and resource pages available for any one to look through and learn what is going on in the Health Informatics world.

2. - This is an Information Technology website from the United Kingdom. We chose this site because we think it is a good idea to be aware of what goes on overseas. As technology grows the world seems to get smaller. Issues that they have in the United Kingdom for Health Informatics are not that far off from what the have in the United States. There are many forums that you can link into from this web page. Just type in Forum to search and choose your topic.

3. -This is a forum created on Facebook for Health Informatics professionals. Log on to Facebook and join this group and be a friend to many other professionals in the Health Informatics field.

4. – The website is full of forums with numerous questions regarding health informatics. The forums are not specific to a specialty, there is a good amount of information on this site to get you information you are looking for. One of the sub categories is career advice. If you are wondering what other professional are wondering about ther Health Informatics field then come check this out.

5. – this Facebook forum is designed especially for students involved in Health Informatics studies. This was started in 2009 out of Canada. Since this Facebook forum has been around for 3 years there is plenty of discussion and ideas posted that would be very interesting to review. Have a look and see what you think of it.

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