Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Rodent spoiled my Ford EcoSport

Rodent spoiled my Ford EcoSport
As stated in my earlier articles, my Ford EcoSport had sudden error message in the infotainment screen and had contacted authorized service center for resolution. The authorized service center had arranged for towing service and the car was dropped to the nearest service center for resolution. The car was picked up by the service center for identification and resolution of the issue:
  • Issue identification: Post car drop at Ford’s authorized service center, there was delay in identification of the issue due to high number of cars waiting for regular service and identification of the issue might be complicated. After a delay, the service technician identified that the issue was due to rodent bit on the wire and doesn’t require any high service costs or parts change.
  • Resolution for the issue: Post identification of the issue in my Ford EcoSport car that rodent had bite the wire and confirmation that no major service or part replacement might be required, the service technician initiated the repair process. To my surprise, the work was completed earlier than my expectation and the car was delivered the very next day with minimal dent on my pocket.

From the above article it might be evident that how rodent can spoil your car and how it had created panic for me about my car’s performance. To read more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

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