Monday, January 2, 2023

Information on Electric Flail Mower

Information on Electric Flail Mower

Finding advanced flail mower with latest technologies and with reliable quality would have been the most frustrating and difficult process for most consumers across the globe. The easier and smarter solution would be checking out the industry pioneer with proven customer satisfaction and reliable product manufacturer like Peruzzo. Peruzzo is one of the best manufacturers in the market offering reliable and high-quality agricultural and turf maintenance products for consumers across the world. The electric flail mower product range from Peruzzo is one of the best product ranges in the turf maintenance industry and they offer wide range of unique features that no other competitor in its class could offer.

Information on Electric Flail Mower

The self-propelled remote-controlled electric flail mower mod. ROBOFOX ELECTRA from Peruzzo, would be smart option for consumers looking for complete automatic electric flail mower and it includes various features such as

  • Equipped with FULL-ELECTRIC propulsion that enables smooth and accelerated drive of the cutting roller shaft
  • Product could be operated through an easy-to-use multifunction radio control, with a range of up to 300 meters and can be adjusted according to the CE safety frequencies.
  • Equipped with 48 sturdy Y-knives or 24 forged hammers (Optional) would be the ideal machine to cut grass and the shrubs up to 2/3cm in diameter, additionally the brush on steep slopes.
  • Electric Flail mower from Peruzzo would be smart option to use in urban areas, where there is an increase in demand for a low sound impact and a precise compliance with anti-pollution regulations.
  • The powerful batteries supplied with the ROBOFOX ELECTRA, guarantee a range of about 2/3 hours and can be easily replaced.

It includes much more features and benefits, please visit their website or the above-mentioned link for more information about the product range offered by Peruzzo.

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