Friday, August 5, 2022

What was the reason behind the price hike of M2 MacBook Air in India?

price hike of M2 MacBook Air in India?
With the recent announcement of M2 MacBook Air and Pro models, Apple has also made a shocking revelation for users in India with drastic increase in prices for both the models. While most users may have felt that the price increase is due to the tax implications, then they are wrong about the predictions and there are several factors which Apple might have considered for this price change. Following is some of my predictions about why Apple might have increased their pricing for users in India
  • Rising inflation and future tax rate hikes: Now that inflations are sky high in US and there are high fears of recessions returning to the market in short time, these fears have also forced FED to raise their interest rates and these in-turn might also force Indian counterparts to increase the interest rates. If the inflation and interest rates continue to haunt the market, there are high chances of increase in price for the components across the product lifecycle. So, it is always safe bet for Apple to increase their price now and have cushion in their maximum retail price while the actual product price increases.
  • Prediction on Rupee performance against dollar: In recent years, there have been considerable traction in Rupees performance against the dollar and the experts are predicting that the rupee might fall further against dollar due to global economic conditions such as war, inflation, and recession fears. With such prediction of rupee’s fall against the dollar, it is always safe bet for Apple to increase their product prices and have safe bet on their margins and helps in increasing their profits.

While the above reasons might be few reasons for increase in prices, the price increase have also ensured that there might not be any further price change for the next months or years and might also depends on some external economic factors. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

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