Monday, August 6, 2018

On the way to office

In office mail, I was shell shocked to know about important meeting that was scheduled that day and “Thank God” the meeting was cancelled. Had this meeting not cancelled, I would have been screwed up by my manager and all top leaders in the team? Since the meeting was all about discussion on the key opportunities and upcoming target for the whole year in the team. I was relieved to know that the meeting was cancelled and back again to my opportunity call, where they were discussing about the same random stuff not related to my work. Finally the call got over, now I had to start to my office and was rushing up, as again I was late — not that late. I reached my office and was speaking to my wife on the way, the distance to my office was very near and hardly takes few minutes. In meanwhile I had got one missed call from one of my delivery POC and I had to skip the call, since family comes to me than the work :P.  Continue at "G R Team Sites"

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