Saturday, August 15, 2015

Please save Environment

With the overwhelming discussions on the ecology and the various human exploitable influences on the ecosystem, educating the young according to me is the best way to speed up process of spreading this vital information. Where are the societal shortcomings that lead us to such a negligence of environmental science, resulting in a general avoidance of the subject?. From earliest times, we are told that environmental science is important to almost any endeavor we choose to pursue. When a young child is encouraged to do well in school in environmental science, it is usually accompanied with, “You’ll need environmental science if you want to be a _______________.” Thus, this is an empty statement. Sometimes a child is told to do better in environmental science or else_________________.” too. If an awareness is imparted at a very early age, the need and necessity of eco-preservation is given top priority by the future pillars of the society.

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