Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mobile Ad Network Information

The is one of the stand-alone mobile ad networks that would be smart option for mobile ad service and service providers. As is the only Mobile Ad Network available in market that benefits all parties like consumers, developers and advertisers. The network helps developers to earn over 10x more ad revenue with new features, and get paid weekly rather than monthly. Developers could also control who gets the ads and how often, and could monetize 100% of users rather than just active users. Advertisers can engage with Android users in a transparent and secure environment. With significantly higher CTR's and conversion rates, and virtually no accidental clicks, Airpush inventory performs much better than traditional mobile inventory. Unlike other ad networks, advertisers get access to truly real-time and best of breed analytics. Airpush sets a new standard for transparency and consumer safety by tagging all ads with a permanent opt-out link and name of the originating app. Developers are also given a Permissions API to build custom opt-in / opt-out schemes beyond our universal controls.

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